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* Wellness Bodywork Treatment - 60 Minutes 
Price: $80
Sale Price: $60 

Bodywork, or massage when used as a part of your health care plan can offer assistance with general wellness maintenance, and a look into the details of how your soft tissues are functioning. 

We recommend investing in this care for anyone who is new to the world of Bodywork. Or for a loved one that could benefit from gentle care that involves both massage and self-care recommendations that can be utilized to continue the unwinding achieved during treatment!

 Wellness Bodywork Treatment - 90 Minutes 
Price: $115
Sale Price: $85 



* Strength/Conditioning and Massage 
Price: $120
Sale Price: $90 

Receive a massage treatment that geared towards unwinding patters of tension that lead to restricted movement. During massage we'll discover what your areas of strength and areas of imbalance & weakness are currently. After the 60 minute massage we'll spend approximately 30 minutes discussing and practicing strengthening exercises that will help to address your areas of muscular & soft tissue imbalance & weakness that could benefit from some guided care. 


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