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Our Practitioners - Genevieve G.Rhodes, Co-Owner & Lead LMT


Genevieve G. Rhodes - Lead LMT Practitioner & Owner

Genevieve began her career in the field of bodywork in 2010, after graduating from East West College of the Healing arts in September of 2009. From a very early age, she held a strong interest in functional movement and strength.  Receiving a diagnosis at age 13 of moderate-severe scoliosis, which is a structural curvature of the spine, provided a major catalytic incentive to develop new awareness and interest - helping her to endeavor to embark on a lifelong journey of continuous growth. 

While attaining her practitioner education, Genevieve endeavored to begin a practice of receiving functionally oriented bodywork to address the results of the unbalanced use of her body and the patterns of pain developed as a result. Inspired greatly by successful results from care, she built a practice that serves the community and PDX as a whole with this same functional approach. 

The practice expanded in 2017 to welcome a team passionate about partnering with the community through regular facilitated care and continued encouragement to engage in a daily/weekly Self Care practice of supportive movement and exercise.

"The practice of providing bodywork is one that constantly allows for growth and further development. Every session, every treatment brings new experience and one more opportunity to expand in technique and fluency of healing." - GGR



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