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Our Practitioners - Brittany McNair

Brittany McNair – LMT

Brittany is a recent graduate of East West College of the Healing Arts. She’s a very active individual who is an avid bicyclist, participating in multiple century rides and has practiced a regular yoga routine for over 10 years. Incorporating regular active movement is a key to her healthy lifestyle and positive vibes.

She’s always had an interest in bodywork and massage therapy, but her intrigue in the field was magnified by a traumatic auto accident where afterwards she received massage as a tool in her rehabilitation process. After the accident, she couldn’t participate in most of her usual activities because of a lingering rotator cuff injury. It was recommended she try massage to help alleviate the pain and lack of range of motion; the massage did wonders for her and it launched her onto her current path of understanding the human body more and into the field of facilitated bodywork.

Brittany is honing and implementing her specialty modality of structural integration to rave reviews, but also enjoys practicing many different modalities to expand care and knowledge of the field. She appreciates education and guidance of proper gate, postural alignment and working with meridian lines combined with her bodywork to help ease and diminish pain, improve movement and empower her patients to really feel in charge of their care. It’s this philosophy that leads her to truly care about her patients’ story and she believes that every person deserves a unique and thorough plan to achieve the best possible outcome!

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