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Our Practitioners - Amanda C.


Amanda Carey graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in April of 2016 and earned her license in May.  She has worked as a Certified Personal Trainer since 2013, supporting the fitness and strength goals of her clients.  Her dance and exercise background lends itself to a functional approach to bodywork with an emphasis on measurable outcomes of treatment.  Versed in Swedish massage and Structural Bodywork, among other modalities, she can provide a combination of relaxation and structurally based bodywork to meet your needs.  She also offers Strength Coaching through her Certified Personal Training experience.  She is very excited to be a new part of Body Works Wellness Center!  

Amanda's Approach to Functional Movement Care:

Amanda's passion for movement and exercise lends itself to a bodywork approach that balances soft tissue release with muscular activation and strengthening.  She sees immense value in both passive and active forms of care.  With a background in personal training, she has seen the enormous benefit that functional strength can have in the prevention of injuries from activities of daily living.  She believes that a partnership between massage and functional strength is a true recipe for success for long-term preventive care for your structure, and she is excited to be able to offer the combination Massage / Strength & Conditioning sessions with Body Works!

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