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Below you will find many helpful forms to consider before coming to Body Works and as a new patient receiving massage/bodywork healthcare, you will be required to complete a Health Information Form before any session. The Oregon Board of Massage Therapists and the American Medical Association require this practice of documentation. It is also very helpful for your practitioner to have information about your health history in order to best provide to you. 

If you would like to prepare in advance for your Initial session by completing the Health Information Form, please feel free to do so. If not, you will be provided a copy in the waiting area of Body Works Wellness Center at the time of your first scheduled session. 

The 'Health Information Form' is a form fillable PDF, allowing you to input your info directly from your computer. If you wish to submit your form electronically, there's a couple ways to go about doing so.

  • Download the PDF and open in Acrobat/Reader or your preferred PDF application. In using this method, the "Email" button will work within the document (Chrome, Firefox or Safari's built in viewer does not support this feature). After the document is completed, using the Email button will sync up with your traditional email host and send us an encrypted copy of the data. 


  • Fill out the form in your browser's built in viewer (will open in a new tab). After filling out the requisite information, do not save or download the document while viewing the document - if you do, it will unfortunately save it w/o your information as a blank form. Instead, when the document is completed, choose "Print" and change the destination from your default printer to "save as a PDF" and voila, the document is saved with your inputs. You can then attach this saved document to an email and send it to us at 

Alternatively, you can always print out the forms and bring them with you to your appointment :) 

¤ Health Information form

¤ Screening Questionnaire form


¤ Physician's Referral form


¤ Billing Information form

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